To the coming 365 days 

​So in just 10 days 2016 is about to be over . It might have been a great year for some of us and probably not something the rest of us desired for. Well that definitely isn’t controlled by us at all.The only strings one can manage to pull is how the situations affect us.

So to the end of the year how far do you think you’ve grown? Have you managed to step out of the comfort zone yet? Have you planned out your schedule or are you still in the bed scrolling down the post and reading this one?
Does a huge list pop up when you think about all this ? Sure does! 

  • ‌You didn’t give someone the chance to follow up.
  • ‌You’ve been a total jerk.
  • The lazyness has taken all over.
  • ‌You never started the workout you planned .
  • ‌The diet has all remained the same.
  • ‌The learning and exploring has just stopped.
  • ‌Enthusiasm has completely disappeared once and for all.
  • ‌You feel that it all has come to stand still .

Just check for yourself how many of them have you accomplished? Er no it’s been confined to.

No matter what you do, make each day count , do something for yourself think of it as an attribute to self . Let your day and the effort you put in bring out the best in you. Challenge yourself to strive for it. Go further rather than being stuck at one place. 

All the casual things keep happening, they’d still be around the corner each time you look back but what you have in present is a pathway you’ll usher. 
Resolutions each year are pledged to be demolished. For they’re something you’d rather never follow. If you intent to put a step forward and look out for a better version of ‘YOU’, the year will build on its own when your days have been equally constructive . In the end you’ll always achieve what you worked hard for.
Looking onto 2017 there are a bunch of things you’d probably want to alter. It might even take some time so what you just hang yourself in dismal and give up on it? For sure NO. Take your time build it up. There’s no deadline to be perfect there are always infinite odds if you believe in yourself.
Neither a failed today nor a failed tommorow will ever affect the outcome you’ve endeavoured. 



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