To the anonymous one out there – I hope it reaches you. 

​Since the day we’ve met, there’s never been a day that the thought of you hasn’t crossed my mind. 

The smile that props up when your name is said. 

That skip of a beat when I hear you. 

That flutter in the eye when I see you. 

The spasm my body goes through when your soft hands brush against me. 

That feeling of being in love is what I cherish because of you. 
You’re that someone who transformed me, brought the best out of me. You made me believe in myself, look at things differently.Your influence makes everything easy for me.Your presence just enlightens my thought process from a negative to a cheerful me. 

Enumerous trails of  elation, the nerves, the butterflies, the anxiety, and the euphoria all come together, somehow I just embrace this strong feeling. 

Each time I’m with you, the time passes in a fast forward motion and I desperately feel the need for a pause button where I could cherish those moments I spend with you at my own pace. Like a frozen percfect moment. 

From the silence to the deep conversations we have, even the stupid chatter for hours could give me a reason to be with you. I just learnt that how even our silence can mean so much to me. I realised what an amazing person you are. You’re that one person with whom I can be at my level of crazy and it would never make a difference.

I don’t know how or when I fell for you but I feel that spark everyday. I know I can tell you my deepest, darkest secret, and  you won’t run away. I feel comfortable enough to be at my most vulnerable state and yet merrily shoutout at the top of my voice. 

You’re the reason why all the other relationships that came before became vague and blurry fixtures of my past. I no longer need to hold onto the disintegrating love from my failed relationships, to the hurt and wounds and resentment. I’ve learnt how to let go, that I hadn’t before. It’s when I realized that  I was holding myself back because the fear of being hurt all over again isn’t fair to someone new. Because you’re not my past. Instead, you could be my future.
There is an unconditional feeling whenever I think about you. All of these things can be signs, but the moment I realized I actually love this person, it hit me like a ton of bricks. It knocked the air out of my lungs. And it’s the best feeling in the world.
Even though you might not feel the same about me, I’m happy to be in this. Because isn’t that the point of love? 
To find a love that never leaves, even when it does. To find a love that was so incredibly powerful, that it remains engrained in your brain. To find a love that was so intoxicatingly magical, that it never leaves my soul.

I’ll always know that at one point I HAD IT ALL! 


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