An Empty Envelope

Each day goes by as the present is overshadowed by the memories of the past. The mind had lost all contacts of him yet the heart held on to the mementos.
Life has taken its turn. At last we’ve grown old. All these years have brought us far apart from what we used to be. From the unknown phases of life to the joy of your existence we’ve spent it all together. 

All this time is so hard to forget. 

I want to get over it and yet I can’t. Maybe it’s because there are still pieces of you left with me that remind me of US every second of the day. 

A certain thought bugs me when I think of the thought that we could’ve ended on better terms. It should’ve not been so. If only one of us would’ve swallowed the ego and saved this relationship we might have at least been into talking terms today. 

So close and yet distant throughout. Who could’ve imagined that someday we’d become just a contact in our phone list, one that we never conversate with. No matter how much I crave to hear your voice I won’t call. 

On those certain drunk nights I won’t text you. But I would miss you just as much as I do everyday and never let you know about it because I don’t want to be an obstacle to your today or tommorow. 

And so the letter still sits on the table, empty as no words can describe how it felt when I lost the most important part of my life. 

Nothing can ever explain the sleepless nights, the dilemma that I’ve been through. No part of me can express the strength that I’ve gathered just to tell myself that it is over now. And life has just begun.

A day might come when this empty envelope might find its way to you, but that day I would be completely over you.

And you would no longer be a part of me. 


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