Bliss that passed with time

I remember those days 

When I was far away from responsibilities. 

I could cry, laugh or sleep endlessly 

And yet I’d be the beloved one. 
When toys were fortune to me 

And collecting them was a hobby 

That was the happiness of recieving new things

Where sharing them was not my forte 
I was like a free bird 

Creating troubles everywhere 

And yet everyone happily entertained me 

More than the needy one 
It was that time 

When girls and boys weren’t judged on playing together 

When friendships were initiated 

When one was far from worries 
It was how open minded the society was 

When the girl playing out till dark wasn’t worth the worry 

When she was treated equivalent to boys 

When her skirts didn’t offend the society 
Time flied so fast 

Those were the best days of my life 

But I don’t seem to recollect 

Has the society changed or me? 


I sitback and wonder 

Do those fake smiles in the selfies stand anywhere infront of the teethless smiles that we possessed? 


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