Towards something better

Do we really want to play fair and square. Does it actually exist? Or is it just the sweet act of revenge that fulfils the delight. For most of us it’s the aftermath that we look forward to.

We all grew up facing situations where we’ve wanted the other person to suffer for his wrong deeds against you or someone close to you. In your head you know that falling is not a choice, you just have to fight back and get over the discomfort caused by the other person.

But is revenge really a solution? Looking for conjectures, keeping tabs on every chance you get. Is it really worth your time?
Childhood has undoubtedly taught us this refrain ‘Tit for Tat’ . To be honest 90% of us are blindly following it. Have you ever thought of walking down the path of forgiveness?
Give that person the benefit of the doubt. Show that entity that his actions does not let your kindness be overshadowed. Enlighten him with the humanity in your soul. Remind him that serving someone back with same mistreatment isn’t always how it should end. Keep your brighter side high. Make him feel ashamed of what he’s done to you. Wake up the wittier side in you , play smart and clever.
Just because you’ve been through certain situations it doesn’t give you the liberty to loose wisdom and stoop down the same level of insanity as the other did. Stand up for yourself but wisely. Don’t give that person the opportunity to repeat his deeds. Change their habit for good. Let humanity persist. Don’t let this belief be buried so soon. We’re all equally dependent on each other. How you react to those unpredictable situations and abrupt behaviors is completely your choice.

But rather than being the one drowning the boat be the one who saves it.

Be the upper hand for a change.
Help those in need.

The payback is just a phase don’t let it reach out to you. There’s a lot more to human nature, its time we surface it. Let yourselves be free and explore.
Its about time we believe in the prosperity we can spread and live in harmony.


All about Vacations! 

​Vacation is that perfect getaway from all the responsibilities that everyone awaits for. This period awakes the creative bit in you and you put all the strings in your mind to work and find that coolest new thing that you might wanna try this time. It could be that wonderful trip you’ve been planning since long, that sport you’ve always wanted to be a pro at or even enhance your skills to further extent. 

Its that span where you have time that’s no  more split into things you hate to do or wish to throw off of your routine. But due to lack of choices you unfortunately have to bear them. More than the excitement of the forthcoming events in your life the thought that its not partially but fully devoted to YOU makes it worth the try. Sounds crazy yet fun. 

While some of us have all set to roll there are most of us who would love to be their lazy self as much as they can. We’re still procrastinating  on everything but then it would be all guilt free delay with no last moment rush. Ah such days remind you of childhood when the thought of loads of pending stuff that you have on your back was miles away. 

For those lazy asses around well you need not worry as the time comes you’ll have plans ready within moments and as they say last minute plans are the best! And if not you can without a second thought follow your everyday mantra that no one can beat you at. After all such days are much needed post the guilt-full days of laziness where you wish to do everything except the work you’re supposed to. 

So its time to get on track, do all that you’ve planned and make it work. Come back to the same old boring routine with a hint of joy. And feel better about how you did not let this one go in vain. Learn to find happiness in whatever you do this time because the only priority is to feel rejuvenated.

Cherish the time. 

Because happiness is vacation! 


​The journey of life is full of advances. You meet new people, be with them, spend all your worst and happiest moments, from all the embarrassing times to the weird ones’ you share those obstinate memories. Days pass, building the togetherness of months into years. And all you have is the bond you guys share, the one which no one else can ever replace. They add up to your memories, because no one has ever been there. No one except you  guys has lived that moment which only others might have just heard of.


Childhood brings such opportunities of meeting and making space  for every single person in your world. You actually value the existence of the other person. Sometimes it might just not be a fair play. But for certain time you’ve been open enough to let them in. You grow over the field wars, those healthy competitions, teasing games, food fights, the naughty acts. The best part being you have everyone around you involved in the occurrence of events. 

While you grow, some move from one place to the other, some remain and play their part. For those who leave might not remain in touch with you, you might not even bid them a proper farewell. As kids what are the chances of us even knowing about all this. 
There comes this stage, where everyone becomes socially connected and you certainly fall into the trap of virtual world debating over how it connects you to the people you’ve known all your life while all you do is probably judge who is doing what where appreciations mostly seem to fade away and what lasts is the adverse affect of being socially active. Everyone seems to convince themselves how connected they are to others. Rather all they do is stick to those 2-3 people out there. Well, those guys are actually the ones’ who stand up for you when you know the rest would not even give a damn about what’s going on with you. 

In the course of life as you mend your path people come, stay or more often leave. 

As on you part : You cannot ask anyone to stay. You can only give them a reason which could mean equally valuable as it is to you. There are times when people abandon you at the moment of need. But as they say you’ve got to move on, make the wise step and before thinking of anyone helping you; you should be able to help yourself! 

What about the void that stays with you. That makes you feel empty that space for that one person in your life which doesn’t seem to be replaced. That’s where you begin to miss your buddies and the times you’ve spent. 

And it continues with everyone. 

Because all of us at sometime have been down this rough patch. 
Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though its one day further from the last time you saw each other, its one day closer to the next time you will.. 

Even if you don’t meet them and they still mean a lot to you, giving it a try or making the initial move won’t harm. It could bring back the joy and lighten up the old bond you ever shared. 

Believe in yourself. 

​You can’t save anyone who isn’t you. 

You can’t fix them. 

You can’t change them. 

You can’t make them and most certainly you can’t break them. 
But how would you save YOURSELF? 

There will be those times when you will cry in the middle of the night with one hand on your mouth, so that you don’t scream, and the other on your heart, because it hurts. It hurts so much that when tears are flowing down your cheeks, the only thing you can think of is how you want to escape.  It hurts so much that you feel that you won’t make it through the night, which feels like a trap- a trap that is slowly engulfing you, and a trap that will suddenly shoot you out into the world you dread.
There will be those times when everything suddenly stops, and the only thing that goes through your mind is to find a small hole where you can hide for the rest of your life.
There will be those times when even though everything is filled with ecstasy, yet there will be that one thing on your mind which holds you back from being who you are and who you want to be. 
There will be those times when you will look at yourself in the mirror and shout, at the top of your voice, a point where your lungs would hurt, because the web of sadness that you created is slowly destroying all the tiny bits of happiness you could have known.
You will trip, and you will fall. And there shall be those times, when getting back up seems the hardest thing to do.
But amidst of all the chaos, all the rage, all the sadness, you will rise.

You will rise from the ashes, like the phoenix you have heard about in stories.

You will rise like the rare, tiny droplets of water from the tough, dry earth. 

You will rise, and  you will look at yourself in the same mirror and say, “I made it.”

Don’t Hold Back

​There are some nights when you are clearing the clutter in your mind, and filtering thoughts that brew in your heart, and you scroll down your friend list and contacts, but the reality of life dawns over you. There is an epiphany you have that tells you how alone sometimes we can feel even when we are surrounded by a pool of people around us. Sometimes, being surrounded by the wrong people makes you feel lonelier than you already are. The longing to be heard and understood, when met with a blank space, usually keeps you awake feeling alone and dealing with life. The struggles and challenges that life has to offer may pull you down or ground you for a while, but remember that ‘this too shall pass’.
The feeling of sharing it with that someone whom you want to be there for you no matter what, eats you within. Only you know how hard you try to keep it from being revealed. Several things come up in your mind and its a havoc. The thoughts hunt you down each day, each moment that passes by. You tend to over think and probably go over the situation a couple of times until it actually feels like the right time  to confess. Well, confessing something really sounds like a big deal. But feels like a huge burden that’s led off from your shoulders. 
This confession could be something really stupid you did in the past but you’re quite sure that it’s enough to hurt someone. It could be a feeling that you share with this person and sharing it could either make your world sound like the best place to live in or it could turn out to be the worst at the same time. It could be related to your Work place, Home, Family, Friends, Loved ones or someone even completely strange. This small statement could jeopardize everything within seconds. It all relies on those bunch of words that mean a lot to you and would be relevant to the person you’re sharing with. 

Being this lively  entity that is surrounded by so many more just like you isn’t easy. We’ve all been on the edge of confessing something and we all know that feeling is no good. Everyone has been on the verge where sharing or keeping both have a similar impact. It could even change lives. 

There are certain incidences where you’re at the same page but just a confession away. 

So you fear telling? 

Don’t stop yourself. Some of the best things come up right after that. If you don’t tell, honestly no one would ever know. No one is capable of reading minds and get an insight of what you feel. Let your thoughts out. Even if it takes a wrong turn at least you’d happy with the thought that you didn’t keep it to yourself. You’d know you gave yourself a chance. After all it’s about striving hard for the things you really mean to have in life. 

Only you can save your day. 

Who knows you might be miles apart and just a confession away! 

Should You Let it Go? 

How do you know what you thought could be the best thing ever happened to you isn’t there anymore? 

How do you know it’s not your choice

How do you know it’s over

Can you ever get over that thought? 

For once maybe, but can you really do that? 

This person has been equally persistent in your life as you were in theirs. And suddenly everything comes back to square one. You’re left clueless and you brain storm yourself on what went wrong even though the last thing you remember, it was all going great. 

Well, things have just turned upside down, dodging your life once and for all. Definitely you don’t want it to happen. But unfortunately it did. You’re in complete confusion, tension, anxiety and what not. Your thoughts are all flooded with mixed emotions. In your mind, you’re revisiting the best conversations both of you ever had and the next moment there’s this sudden rush of pain and you realise how distant you guys have become. 

When this is not enough, the worst thought makes it’s grand entrance ; you have no idea what is going on. You don’t even know if you guys are at the same page or not. 

It doesn’t end here. Brace for  the impact. You don’t know what are you supposed to say in order to make things better. As the only options left, either you work on it or you just let it pass.
So you just tried to get over that thought. Look for things to indulge yourself in. 

But it still finds it’s way back and boom you’re once again walking down the same road. 

Apparently it manages to last.Once again you find yourself melancholy figuring stuff out. 

So how do you let it go? 

More importantly, should you let it go? 

What would you follow : your heart or your mind? 

Daily Prompt: Value

Value determines your priorities, and, deep down, they’re probably the measures you use to tell if your life is turning out the way you want it to.

When the things that you do and the way you behave match your values, life is usually good – you’re satisfied and content. But when these don’t align with your personal values, that’s when things feel… wrong. This can be a real source of unhappiness.

Life can be much easier when you acknowledge your values – and when you make plans and decisions that honor them
Identifying and understanding your values is a challenging and important exercise. Your personal values are a central part of who you are – and who you want to be. By becoming more aware of these important factors in your life, you can use them as a guide to make the best choice in any situation.
Some of life’s decisions are really about determining what you value most. When many options seem reasonable, it’s helpful and comforting to rely on your values – and use them as a strong guiding force to point you in the right direction.

It’s human nature to not feel satisfied with what you have. You always tend to ask for more. In this process you never value what you have. And when it’s gone you realise how much that thing really meant to you. You might not have ever appreciated it much. But now it’s gone. Maybe forever.

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